Spectators Welcome - Come and cheer the athletes, watch a great day of competition, eat some great local food!

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd July 

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. We ask all spectators to pay £3 entry (kids are free to attend the event). 

This is sure to be a great day out!!

BNSF Britain's Strongest Woman

U65/U75/U85 & opens

1. Axle DL/reps - 120/130/140/155kg
2. DB/reps - 25/30/35/40kg
3. Yoke 20m - 140/160/180/200kg
4. Farmers 20m - 60/70/80/90kg
5. Stone or sack over yoke. - 50/60/70/80kg

Top finishers qualify for WHEA Worlds Strongest woman.

BNSF Britain's Strongest Man

Event 1 
Max 18" Celtic Strength Silver dollar DL - starting weights 240/260/280/300.

Event 2 
Celtic Strength Block press FTOH - 80/90/100/110. 
60s time limit

Event 3
Yoke x 30m - 280/320/360/400kg. 
60s to run 15m drop and turn then run back 15m. 

Event 4
Keg Toss - 5 x 12kg kegs - 3.5m for u80's and u90's. 3.8m for u105's and opens. 
Weights and height subject to testing.

Event 5
Cerberus Sack/Celtic Strength Block Mat to Mat medley - 15m each way. 
100/100/100 - u80's
100/100/110/110 - u90's
100/100/120/110 - u105's
100/100/130/110 - opens.
Carry the first sack 15m, then take the next sack back 15m, carry the block 15m and (not for the u80's) carry the last sack back 15m.

Event 6 
Atlas Stones 
80/90/100/110/120 - u80's (1.55m-1.2m)
90/100/110/120/130 - u90's (1.7m-1.3m)
100/110/120/130/145 - u105's (1.7m-1.3m)
110/120/130/145/175 - opens

Event one will be after BSW on the Saturday and the rest will be on the Sunday.
Unless we finish early enough on the Saturday we may pull 1 event over from Sunday. Either block press or keg toss.

 BNSF Britain's Strongest Man & Woman