Andrew Douglas

Andrew has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry and in that time he has attended various weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning seminars and workshops with high level weightlifters and experienced and respected tutors within the industry.


Amongst other qualifications Andrew is a British Weightlifting Level 2 coach, certified personal trainer as well as a level 3 coach in nutrition and weight management through Northern Fitness and Education.


Andrew has experience coaching young athletes from the age of 12 in S&C. He has trained recreational to elite level sports men and women for the last 8 years, working with a wide range of athletes from a variety of sporting fields.


If you are looking to improve as an athlete and reach the next level in your sport, contact Andrew.

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Andrew Finlay

With 12 years of training experience Andrew is at the beginning of his career in the fitness industry. Having trained in most aspects of Strength and Conditioning he developed a passion for Olympic Weightlifting and through BWL has attained his Level 1 Award for Coaching Weightlifting. Andrew has been coached by high level British Weightlifters and is currently developing his knowledge by training and coaching with an experienced local coach. 

Programming for sports teams and individuals, Andrew also specialises in Strongman and Kettlebell training. He has worked with and alongside everyone from high level athletes to absolute beginners and takes great pleasure in seeing people progress and develop their strength and fitness.

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Cecilia Monroe

Cecilia has been personal training for 3 years and has 8 years training experience. She has gained her level 1 Award in Coaching Weightlifting through British Weightlifting. Cecilia has competed in StrongWoman and Powerlifting, placing first in her most recent competition.

Cecilia specialises in training women and has experience in pre and postnatal exercise. She is the founder of Strong Mummy, which runs online coaching and running group training specifically for mums and mums to be. She also offers online 

If you are a female looking to improve athletic performance, get stronger and leaner, contact Cecilia. 

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James Newton

With 6 years training experience and coaching since 2017, James (Newt) has a wide range of experience in different training modalities that he has combined into an original training format he uses for clients and his own personal programming.


Newt became a level 3 personal trainer in 2016 whilst doing recreational exercise in functional training and crossfit.


In 2017 he achieved his level 4 in strength and conditioning and sport specific performance and spent the entirety of 2017 Olympic lifting and learning about kinetics and periodization.


In 2018 he furthered his knowledge in longevity and performance training when he travelled to Austin Texas USA to become a certified Onnit academy Trainer, kettlebell flow and unconventional barbell specialist.

These methods proved to be effective in relation to improving performance in recreational activity such as MMA and Bjj for him.


2019 Newt became one of the first U.K. certified Steelmace Flow coach, another unconventional training method from the USA.


Safe to say whether you're looking for sport specific training or simply look to overcome monotony in regards to your training schedule, Newt is your guy!

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Jon Boyle

Jon is a UKSCA accredited Strength and Conditioning expert and also a 
British Weightlifting Level 2 coach.

Jon has spent 9 years working as a Strength and Conditioning coach at Durham University and is currently Head S&C Coach for Durham University Boat Club High Performance Programme (Centre of Excellence for Team GB). Jon has previously been the S&C coach for Hartlepool United Football Club, Durham Uviversity Rugby Club
and has experience with multiple sports including: womens laccrosse, athletics, cycling and triathlon.

Jon has assisted in the delivery of land based training for GB U23 rowing and has 
also worked with: Angus Groom (Olympian Rowing) William Flethcher (Olympian Rowing) Stuart Innes (Olympian Rowing) Sean Robinson (Newcastle Falcons) Simon Hammersley (Newcastle Falcons) which has further developed his knowledge and coaching skills.
Jon is currently working towards Mac-Nutrition University qualification.

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Chris Hedley

Chris is an online coach and Personal Trainer from Newcastle Upon Tyne and has been around the Fitness industry for a while now and has worked as a professional trainer since 2016.

Chris is not your typical PT. His love of fitness never came from a massive weightloss success or competitive achievement like most coaches. It actually came from finding videos on Youtube. Chris says “when I was around 12 years old, me and my friends stumbled upon some ‘Parkour’ and ‘Free Running’ videos on Youtube and we were hooked immediately! To a bunch of kids obsessed with X-Men, Jackie Chan, Ninjas and Superheros, people doing flips and crazy big jumps in the street was the coolest thing we had ever seen and we wanted to learn how to do that too!“ Since then he has always had an interest in what awesome things the body can do and developing the ‘broad scope fitness’ to achieve this while still being able to enjoy food.

He became certified as a Personal Trainer in 2014, tried out Crossfit, Weightlifting, ran a variety of obstacle race events and Fell/Trail Challenges in the lake district and developed a great enjoyment for Kettlebell Training and all things Strength and Conditioning.
Now he spends his time helping other people realise the awesome things their bodies are capable of, while having fun with their fitness, enjoying their food without restrictive diets and improving their health.

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Shawn O'neil

Shawn has been personal training and has almost 15years of training experience. 
Shawn is one of a handful of Brits with a TPI Level 3 certificate from the world leaders in
Golf Fitness – The Titleist Performance Institute. He is also a level 3 personal trainer and
holds certs in Nutrition and Weight management, core strength/ stability and circuit training.

Shawn has good experience and proven success with a wide range of golfers from club
golfers to elite amateurs to aspiring young professionals including; the youngest ever Ladies County Champion, England International, club champions, league team golfers to the weekend warrior.
Golf Fitness is for beginners all the way up to professionals, helping to avoid and prevent
pain/injury allowing for extended enjoyment of and pain free golf is just as important as the
performance benefits.

Shawn believes that better golf as well as being able to play for longer without pain alongside the added general benefits of increased energy levels and enhanced mood to name a couple from training will enhance the enjoyment for everybody.

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Christina Francotte

Christina 'crazy' Francotte is a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer who guides, supports and trains women to exercise safely and effectively before, throughout and after pregnancy. Not just physically but mentally too.

Before starting her personal training business Crazy4fitness, Christina was a dance instructor and won 2 British dance championships. After a successful career as a Dance teaching proffesional, she decided to take her career down a slightly different path and become a Personal Trainer while competing as a Pro Bikini, Fitness and Showgirl athlete. After going through an incredible transformation journey of her own she wants to inspire, help and support others on their individual journeys too.

Christina enjoys climbing and trying new sports but mostly being a mummy to her amazing son.

Christina specialises in Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition and holds many other industry standard qualifications including GP exercise referral. She is available for small group training, personal training and stage posing coaching.

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Joe Taylor

Joe is a level 3 qualified personal trainer who started lifting weights at 16 and has trained ever since. Had a keen interest in football and MMA until he found a love for bodybuilding. Spent years teaching himself the correct methods and techniques to adding muscle mass and how to lose weight efficiently. He moved away from bodybuilding in 2017 and started strength training. He entered his first strongman competition 6 months later and has not looked back since, having competed in numerous competitions around the country including Newcastle's Strongest, The North's Strongest Saxon and most recently moving up to Opens to compete at the Mirfield show and the Strongest in the North.


Joe has a keen eye for detail and enjoys helping people hit their goals whether that be increasing strength, losing weight, competing, improving overall fitness or a mixture of all the above.

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Phone: 07825420049

Adam Johnston

Educating and empowering the public to reach their fitness and weight-loss goals through better movement and strength.


* Head Coach & Owner of Savage Strength

* Personal Trainer

* Level 2 British Weightlifting & Strongman Coach

* Head Coach of FSI Weightlifting Club

* Head Coach Savage Strength Strongman Club


As an athlete, weightlifter and opens level strongman Adam believes that when strength levels are around equal, efficient movement and technique will win out. He carries this belief into his coaching and personal training.


Adam’s speciality lies in efficient movement and maximising the use of the strength, regardless of sport or goal. He helps people reach their goals by coupling mobility and efficient movement with his knowledge of programming, fat-loss and body composition.


Adam’s aim is to contribute to a happy, healthy and pain free population.


‘Mobility leads to efficient movement, efficient movement leads to strength and strength leads to everything else’.


Competition Results:

* Strongest in the North 2019 (Opens) - 2nd

* UK Truck Pull Championship 2018 (U110kg) - 2nd

* Newcastles Strongest 2018 (Inters) - 3rd

* BNSF Northern Qualifier 2018 (U105kg) - 4th

* North East Open 2017 (U105kg) - 2nd

* Newcastles Strongest 2017 (Novice) - 1st

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