Spectators are welcome. Come and cheer some of the north east's strongest athletes battling it out to be named Newcastle's Strongest.

Sunday 6th August 

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. We ask all spectators to pay £3 entry (kids are free to attend).

All door takings will be donated to Sam Urwin's daughter Sienna's fund raise

Sam has been training at FSI Gym since we started and has probably helped a lot of us over the years.

Men Novice
Men Inters

Event 1: Log floor to overhead/ Yoke overhead press
Men Novice: 90kg/ 80kg 
Men Inters: 100kg/ 90kg

Event 2: Rising Car Deadlift
Men Novice: 180kg-190kg-200kg-210kg-22 0kg-230kg (approx)
Men Inters: 210kg-220kg-230kg-240kg-25 0kg-260kg (approx)

Event 3: Squat to box for reps 
Men Novice: 150kg
Men Inters: 190kg

Event 4: Sandbag/ Tyre Carry 20m/ Seated arm over arm 20m 
Men Novice: sabdbag - 100kg/ 240kg
Men Inters: sandbag - 110kg/ 280kg

Event 5: Atlas Stones (platform height from 1.7m to 1.2m)
Men Novice: 77kg- 90kg-110kg-130kg-145kg
Men Inters: 90kg-110kg-120kg-145kg-160 kg

All events have a 75sec time limit. No triple ply, no briefs, no suits, no knee wraps, no 9mm sleeves.

£25 entry fee, payment to be made by cash at the gym or by BACS will secure your place.


Newcastle's Strongest