Newcastle's Strongest is back, bigger and heavier than ever  


We missed 2020 so let's make up for it in 2021


Spectators are welcome (covid depending) We ask all spectators to pay £3 entry (kids are free to attend). On the day there will be Tea, Coffee, and other refreshments available


Sunday 8th August @ FSI - Functional Strength Institute.




Women's Novice 


Men's Novice 


Men's Inters 



Event 1


Car Deadlift (car is a Ford Focus and is very heavy) 


Women’s Novice: Car from blocks (side handle) or 150kg Trap bar deadlift - 1 rep of the car is worth more than any number of reps on the trap bar  

Men’s Novice: Side Handles

Men’s Inters: Front Bar 


Event 2


Max Axle Press 

Opening weight, then 3 nominated weights:


Women Novice: 40kg

Men’s Novice: 70kg

Men’s Inters: 90kg


Event 3

Farmers Walk 30m 15m drop turn 


Women’s Novice: 65kg per hand

Men’s Novice: 110kg per hand 

Men’s Inters: 130kg per hand 


Event 4

Front Hold Hell

Women’s Novice: 5kg Chain

Men’s Novice: 15kg Chain

Men’s Inters: 20kg Chain


This is a bar with a chain hanging from it - must hold in front of you with a double overhand grip 


Event 5

Atlas Stones

Women’s First Timers: 40, 50, 60, 77 to platform then 90 over yoke 

Men’s Novice: 77, 90, 110, 120, 145

Men’s Inters: 90, 110, 120, 145, 160



All events have a 60sec time limit. No triple ply, no briefs, no suits, no knee wraps, no 9mm sleeves


Entry fee is £25 and only payment will secure your place. Payment can be made by cash at the gym, PayPal or by BACS.

If you would like to pay by BACS or PayPal could you please message FSI Gym via the Facebook page



*Please note - no trophy hunters*

If you have placed top 3 in a novice event before then we would ask you to step up and compete as an intermediate. Likewise, if you have competed as an intermediate, please not not apply to compete as a novice. This obviously goes for higher level competitors too. We would like a competitive day and nobody to run away with respective titles.