Sports Massage Therapy

Teal Sports & Deep Tissue Massage north east newcastle north shields

Ashleigh is the owner of TEAL Sports & Deep Tissue Massage. 

She is a Strongwoman athlete and understands the importance of remaining injury free and to keep on top of mobility. 

Ashleigh attended Northumbria College earning her level 3 diploma in sports and deep tissue massage and is currently studying her level 4. Her goal is to help people live better lives inside and out, believing selfcare is a must.

Sports massage helps reduce tension and flush the tissues of metabolic waste which builds up during physical activity. She offers deep tissue massage (both pre and post event) and stretches to help with mobility.

This service isn't just for athletes. Whether Strongman/ woman, Olympic Weightlifting or Crossfit is your thing, even if you are going through the couch to 5k challenge; everyone needs to look after their body and massage can help to treat and prevent injuries to keep you achieving your goals.

Contact details

Text : 07931 775886

Instagram: ashsportsmassage

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